koning Jehoram (Yehoram, Joram) van Judea (Juda), geb. te (...), ovl. omstreeks 841 BC, Bron Oudheid, zoon van koning Jehoshaphat (Yehosephat) van Judea (Juda) en N.N.
After the marriage followed a series of wars which ultimately led to the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel (721 BC) and its population dispersal, mostly to Judah. About this time the Kingdom of Jud ah to reduced to being an Assyrian tributary state, which for a time pauperised the nation. Judah survived as such until c.586 BC when it was conquered by the Babylonians, after which part of its popu lation (mostly nobility) was exiled to Babylon.
koningin Athalia van Judea (Juda), geb. te (...), ovl. omstreeks 835 BC, doodsoorzaak: vermoord op last v. koning Jehoas, Bron Oudheid, dochter van Koning Ahab van Israël en prinses Jezebel van Tyre
She had all Ahaziah's children murdered, except one. This was the youngest son, Jehoash (Joash), an infant at the time, who was rescued from the massacre of the royal family by his aunt (father's sist er), Princess Jehosheba, wife of Jehoiada, the High-Priest, who concealed him in the temple.

1) koning Ahaziah (oorspr. Jehoahaz) van Judea (Juda), geb. te (...), ovl. omstreeks 841 BC, Bron Oudheid met:
Zibiah van Beersheba, geb. te (...), ovl. te (...), Bron Oudheid
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