Orontes I (Auruand = de grote strijder) van Armenië, geb. ruim voor 401 BC te (...), ovl. omstreeks 344 BC te Ionia (Anatoli&$235;, Turkije), Bron Wikipedia Oudheid
Xenophon's Anabasis mentions the region near the river Centrites was defendedby the satrap of Armenia for Artaxerxes II, named Orontes son of Artasyras whohad Armenian contingents. Xenophon mentioned that he had a son called Tigranes.His successor was Codomannus (Darius III) and after Codomannus these Satrapieswere ruled by Orontes II. Whether he was the same person as Tigranes but hadadopted the name Orontes or that they were brothers is not known.

1) Orontes II van Armenië, geb. te (...), ovl. 1 okt 331 BC te Gaugamela, doodsoorzaak: Slag bij Gaugamela, Bron Wikipedia Oudheid
After Codomannus ascended the throne of Persia as Darius III in 336 BC Oronteswas given the Satrapy of Armenia to rule.

At the Battle of Gaugamela he fought on the right flank for king Darius III,with 40,000 infantry and 7,000 cavalry under his command. He died there.
Rhodogoune , geb. te (...), ovl. te (...), dochter van Artaxerxes II van Perzië en meerdere echtgenotes
2) Tigranes (?) , geb. te (...), ovl. te (...)
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