Artaxerxes II van Perzië, geb. tussen omstreeks 445 BC en 435 BC, ovl. omstreeks 358 BC, Bron Wikipedia Oudheid, zoon van Darius II (oorspr. Ochus)(Nothos = de Bastaard) van Perzië en Parysatis
Artaxerxes II is said to have more than 115 sons from 350 wives.

Much of Artaxerxes's wealth was spent on building projects. He restored the palaceof Darius I at Susa,[3] and also the fortifications; including a strong redoubtat the southeast corner of the enclosur e and gave Ecbatana a new apadana andsculptures. He seems not to have built much at Persepolis.[citation needed]

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1) Rhodogoune , geb. te (...), ovl. te (...) met:
Orontes II van Armenië, geb. te (...), ovl. 1 okt 331 BC te Gaugamela, doodsoorzaak: Slag bij Gaugamela, Bron Wikipedia Oudheid, zoon van Orontes I (Auruand = de grote strijder) van Armenië en N.N.
After Codomannus ascended the throne of Persia as Darius III in 336 BC Oronteswas given the Satrapy of Armenia to rule.

At the Battle of Gaugamela he fought on the right flank for king Darius III,with 40,000 infantry and 7,000 cavalry under his command. He died there.
2) Sisygambis , geb. te (...), ovl. te (...), Bron Wikipedia Oudheid met:
Arsames (Ostaneszn.) , geb. te (...), ovl. te (...), zoon van Ostanes van Perzië en N.N.
3) ca 114 zoons , geb. te (...), ovl. te (...)
4) sjah Artaxerxes III Ochus van Perzië, geb. omstreeks 425 BC, ovl. omstreeks 338 BC, begr. te Persepolis (Perzië, Iran), Bron Wikipedia Oudheid
Artaxerxes III was the Great King (Shah) of Persia and the eleventh Emperor of the Achaemenid Empire, as well as the first Pharaoh of the 31st dynasty of Egypt.

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