Darius II (oorspr. Ochus)(Nothos = de Bastaard) van Perzië, geb. omstreeks 475 BC te (...), ovl. omstreeks 405 BC te (...), begr. te Naqsh-e-Rustam (Perzië), Bron Wikipedia Oudheid, Bron, zoon van keizer Artaxerxes I van Perzië en Kosmartydene met:
Parysatis , geb. te (...), ovl. na 405 BC te (...), Bron Wikipedia Oudheid, dochter van keizer Artaxerxes I van Perzië en Andia van Babylon
SParysatis was the half-sister of Xerxes II, Sogdianus and Darius II. She married her half-brother Darius[1] and had four sons, Artaxerxes II, Cyrus the Younger, Ostanes and Oxathres.
1) Artaxerxes II van Perzië, geb. tussen omstreeks 445 BC en 435 BC, ovl. omstreeks 358 BC, Bron Wikipedia Oudheid
Artaxerxes II is said to have more than 115 sons from 350 wives.

Much of Artaxerxes's wealth was spent on building projects. He restored the palaceof Darius I at Susa,[3] and also the fortifications; including a strong redoubtat the southeast corner of the enclosur e and gave Ecbatana a new apadana andsculptures. He seems not to have built much at Persepolis.[citation needed]

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2) Ostanes van Perzië, geb. te (...), ovl. te (...), Bron Wikipedia Oudheid met:
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